Softing It Networks – WireXpert Trade in Promo!!

WireXpert to the rescue!!

Any old certifier can be traded in against a wireXpert 500, 500 PLUS or 4500, with rebates of up to €1,800.00 off the list price.

Certifies cables to all standards
Local service – happy to assist you
Easy snap-on channel and permanent link adapters included
Designed to grow with you

Wirexpert 4500 Cat8 Ready
Wirexpert 4500


Read about this Fantastic Trade-in Promo here. Softing It Networks – WireXpert Trade in Promo

10 Fantastic Reasons for WireXpert

  1. Graphical displays at both ends of the cable to increase certification efficiency.
  2. Our local technical service centre – your competent support always there when you need it.
  3. Become a supertech! we will explain our certifier step by step and help you with cable fault troubleshooting.
  4.  Technological pioneers: First on the market with a certified up to 2500 Mhz and always ahead of the game.
  5. Best price-performance ratio: We offer you our devices at realistic and fair prices.
  6. All included at no additional cost:
    – Dual Control System (DCS™)
    – Channel- and Permanent Link adapters
    – Tabletop stand and carrying case
    Others charge extra for these essential items
  7. Wide variety of adapters covering all relevant certification standards.
  8. Quick and easy touch screen operation.
  9. Unique upgrade options: copper, fibre optic or measurements up to 2500 MHz. You can always upgrade.
  10. Certifies cable to global standards. Reports available in pdf, csv, and on the Cloud.

WireXpert Trade in Promo May 2019 Softing It Networks PDF

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