Ad-Tek Products 2u-4u 19″ Horizontal-Vertical Mount Wall Cabinet

Space too tight for a full-sized cabinet or rack? Mount your switches, routers, and other equipment heads-up with our Low-Profile Secure Wallmount Cabinet. The cabinet keeps your equipment secure.

-Vertical distribution cabinet featuring a low-profile design and has been engineered to mount patch panels, hubs, routers, switches within two mounting bays.
-Welded design for additional strength.
-Secure reversable lockable front door.
-1u cable access opening at Base can be fitted
with brush strip panel to keep dust out.
-1u opening at top for either additional height if required( 75.0mm)
for unit or can be fitted with vented panel for extra ventilation.
-2 sets of 2u 19″ rails fitted internally
-Cable access to rear

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