EnGenius EAP1300 Wave 2 11ac Dual-Band Wireless Indoor Access Point

MU-MIMO Ceiling-Mount AP With Quad-Core Processors

The EAP1300 Wave 2 Indoor Access Point delivers next generation, business-class Wi-Fi at exceptional pricing. EAP1300 APs turbocharge wireless performance for small and mid-size businesses. Powerful onboard quad-core processors combine with new 11ac technology to maximize speed, and performance, offering greater user device capacity and connection reliability.

Key Features 

Quad-Core Processor, 717 MHz “Turbo Engine”
11ac Wave 2 Speeds to 867 Mbps (5 GHz); to 400 Mbps (2.4 GHz)
Up to 30% Faster Throughput Over 11ac Wave 1 3×3 APs
GigE 802.3af PoE-Compliant for Easy Placement Where Power is Limited
Beamforming Optimizes Antenna Signal, Reception & Reliability for Clients
Ceiling-mount design blends seamlessly into most deployment environments.
Smart sensing technology a Simplifies Setup, Optimises Signals and Automatic Self-Heals
Power the EnTurbo Indoor APs via their Gigabit 802.3af PoE ports for discrete placement.
Combine Tri-Band’s Dual-GigE Ports, Maximise Wired Speed to 2 Gbps via Link Aggregation

Uncompromised Audio & Video Streaming

Tri-band technology delivers double the available bandwidth ensuring stable multimedia streaming performance for more wireless users simultaneously by adding a second 5GHz band. Support the newest 802.11ac mobile gear while maintaining connectivity for all other WiFi-capable devices and tomorrow’s growing IoT deployments.

Indoor Form & Function

Clean lines and low profile housing ensure the EnGenius EAP1300 EnTurbo Dual Band Access Point’s ceiling-mount design blends seamlessly into most deployment environments.

Optimise Connectivity With Wireless Mesh

Utilise the mesh access point mode for retrofit or new install applications where wire runs are not possible. Mesh’s smart sensing technology adds devices quickly, optimises routes between APs, and automatically self-heals the network in the event an AP should ever lose connection.

Far-Reaching Wireless Blanket Coverage

Wide reaching, detachable 360-degree antennas minimise interference for blanketed coverage through floors, ceilings and walls to provide far-reaching reliable connectivity.

Reliable Connectivity & Network Protection

Configure multiple APs to ensure seamless, reliable connectivity for users as they move about the network with standards-based roaming. Quickly detect and avoid network threats through a suite of advanced security features including Guest Networks and email alerts.

Automatic Band Selection

Efficiently steer dual-band client devices to the optimal, less congested frequency band. While the Tri-band AP also routes dedicated 2.4 and 5 GHz devices directly to the respective bands ensuring the fastest bandwidth for all devices.

Flexible Power Options

Connect and power the EnTurbo Indoor APs via their Gigabit 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet ports for discrete placement in locations where power outlets are limited or unavailable, such as ceilings, hallways, rafters and attics. Place the APs up to 328 feet from a PoE compliant switch or PoE adapter.

Network Management

The EnGenius EAP1300 EnTurbo Simultaneous Dual Band PoE Access Point can operate as a stand-alone AP or as part of a scalable EnGenius Wireless Network Management Solution, centrally managed by ezMaster.

Manage Up to 50 APs With EnGenius Managed Switches

Any EnGenius Gigabit Managed Switch can also manage up to 50 EnTurbo APs. Through the switch, access all connected EnGenius devices and a full array of wireless and Layer 2 management tools. Choose between PoE+ and non-PoE switch models with flexible deployment and management options with no AP license or subscription fees.

ezMaster Network Management Software

EnGenius ezMaster Software’s simple, intuitive Web-based interface allows flexible access point monitoring – locally or remotely. Quickly and easily set up, manage, monitor, and troubleshoot multiple APs at the same time. See real-time network performance and monitor AP traffic through ezMaster’s at-a-glance dashboard. EzMaster provides business-class features, unlimited scalability and centralised management of hundreds of EnTurbo Access Points and EnGenius Switches – locally, remotely or via a cloudbased service, with no licensing or subscription fees.