Ideal Networks Fibre Optic Cable Visual Fault Finder VFF5

The Visual Fault Finder is a visible laser light source used to check continuity, locate breaks, poor mechanical splices and damaged connectors in fibre optic cabling.

Used to verify continuity, test and find breaks in fibre links, locate pinched fibre strands in termination cabinets, or anywhere fibre optic cables are terminated and subject to mechanical damage.

The VFF5 is also an excellent aide to technicians terminating mechanical splices or pre-polished connectors where leaking light is an indicator of a poor fibre cleave or other misalignment

Visually identifies and locates faults in fibre optic cabling
2.5mm universal adaptor for all ST, SC and FC connectors
Useful over a distance of 5km (3 miles)
Up to 80 hours of operation
Ruggedised aluminium body