Poynting Omni Antenna GSM 3G & 4G for Outdoor Use

The XPOL-1, from Poynting, provides an innovative and future proof solution for 4G, 3G and 2G networks. It is a unique window, wall or pole mountable antenna giving you dual polarisation in a full LTE band omnidirectional antenna.

Incorporating two separately fed ultra wideband elements in a single housing, the antenna is equipped to provide client side MiMo and diversity support for the networks of today and tomorrow. Gain is min. 2 dBi across all bands: 790 – 960, 1710 – 2170, 2300-2400 and 2500 – 2700 MHz Bands.

The weatherproof housing is designed for window, mast and wall mounting . The antenna has 2 x 5 metres of low loss cable terminating in SMA Plug connectors. The XPOL-1 is NOT suitable for permanent mounting on a moving vehicle.

If you are unsure as to the location of the cell tower the XPOL-1 is a great choice of omni-directional antenna. If you are sure as to where the cell tower is then the directional XPOL-2 is a good alternative to consider.

Poynting Cross Polarised 4G Omni LTE Antenna
Min. 2 dBi Gain across all bands
Dual Polarised, full LTE band Omni Directional Antenna for outdoor use
Window, Wall or Pole mountable (not suitable for permanent mounting on a moving vehicle)
Frequency Range – 790~960, 1710~2170, 2300~2400 and 2500~2700 MHz bands
2 x 5 metre cables included

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