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No matter how big a city is, the basic goal for a government is to guarantee residents’ safety. National Highways Authority of India(NHAI) was eager to solve some difficult problems caused by the cameras in their old video surveillance system, such as car plate number is not unrecognizable during nighttime. In 2015, NHAI decided to turn to use UNV products. Nowadays, 231 toll stations in Indian have being protected by UNV high quality products for more than 3 years.
National Highways are the arterial roads of a country for passengers and goods. In order to manage the vehicles’ status and information, there are more than 1300 UNV cameras and more than 200 NVRs installed over 231 toll stations in India. Over the past three years, UNV products never failed to provide the best quality image during day and night, ensured every vehicle’s information was recorded and were easy to be searched.
Besides, UNV products brought many other benefits to NHAI. For instance, with wide voltage range of ±25%, UNV cameras can work very well under unstable voltage. With ANR cache restores function, even if the network is not stable, the camera can swiftly change to save the video into the memory card. And after the network connected again, the video would be automatically sent to the local storage in the toll station.
“I believe in UNV products, because they are stable and professional. They can satisfy our requirement of high quality image during day and night. Except our toll stations, there are some airports and high-end hotels also using UNV products. Uniview now is a very popular brand in security industry and is believed to be able to provide reliable and high quality products.” Said a user from NHAI.


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NVR Recorders-16Ch EP Range

16/32-ch 4-SATA PoE NVR


UNV Nebula turn data to insight

unv uniview nebula


NVR Recorders-16Ch EP Range

16/32-ch 4-SATA PoE NVR


NVR Recorders-8Ch LP Range

8-ch 1-SATA Plastic PoE NVR


NVR Recorders-4Ch EP Range

4/8-ch 1-SATA PoE NVR


NVR Recorders-4Ch LP Range

4-ch 1-SATA PoE NVR


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Professional Storage

15-year experience, self-owned patent technology, optimized for video surveillance.

Powerful RAID Engine

Zero-Sense initialization and rebuild- iirg for your business.

Carrier-Class Reliability

High quality hardware design, ensuring 7’2A hours continuous work.

Mobotix MxBell version 2.0 is here!

Our new MxBell version 2.0 is here!

Free of charge for Android and iOS.

The update scores with its new playback function, which makes it possible to search through the recorded events for the integrated Door Stations and cameras at a specific time point and play back the individual clips. In addition, the Grid view will simultaneously display up to four cameras, which in particular is a great advantage for small installations.
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Easier to use, time and cost savings with the basic configuration in MxManagementCenter 1.8

The most significant innovation of the free of charge version 1.8 is the “Configuration” view, which comes with a new “Configuration Bar”.This enable you to change the configuration of up to 80 cameras simultaneously with a single click. Another highlight is the MxMC 1.8 POS functionality for direct integration of Vectron POS systems. The MxManagementCenter 1.8 will be available soon!

Secure System

Optimise data security and prevent loss of valuable information!

With our new MxFFS with buffered archive we offer a unique, redundant high-security storage concept, that prevents absolute loss of data if the camera’s primary storage target fails. The system release is designed for use with all MOBOTIX cameras up to models x14/x24. This release will be available soon!

Platinum partnership – highest possible partner status with Genetec

We are pleased to extend our technology partnership with Genetec to the highest partner status “Platinum”. This status is held by only eight Genetec technology partners globally and sets a clear signal for the new openness and future orientation at MOBOTIX.

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Looking back at six successful and interesting exhibition days at Light + Building trade fair!

We would like to thank all customers, partners and visitors who visited us at our booth. We are happy with all the constructive conversations and the positive feedback! This year’s highlight and absolute visitor magnet was our three-meter-high, blue MOBOTIX cactus – sympathetic representative of our unique Cactus Concept for a completely secure video security system.#stayuntouched

Light up the dark, the answer to Fibre Exhaustion?

Light up the dark, the answer to Fibre Exhaustion? ProLabs
Dark fibre is essentially optical fibre infrastructure that is not in use.  The term “Dark” referring to the fact that data is not being transported, so there is no light.
Dark fibre networks arise because when laying down network infrastructure, operators and utility companies will often over estimate the amount needed,  future proofing their growth and cost, but this means that there could be thousands of miles of fibres across the globe which are not being used.
Our ever-increasing appetite for faster bandwidth speed is driving the demand for organisations to lease these unused fibres, freeing up valuable capacity. These dark networks could be one of the answers to fibre exhaustion and offer a cost effective alternative to the time, effort and labour intensive task of laying new fibre.
Mobile operators use leased lines to connect their masts and demand is increasing as we consume more data on the move. The introduction of next generation 5G mobile networks in the next few years is expected to further expand the market as operators plan to build more masts.
Adding wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) to a dark fibre network, doubles capacity on a single fibre, helping to achieve high connectivity, while keeping costs down.
Put simply, WDM adds multiple signals to the same fibre pair, using different colours of light. CWDM (course wavelength division multiplexing) and DWDM (dense wavelength division multiplexing) solutions allow multiple channels, traveling in either direction, to be simultaneously combined over a single fibre, meaning signals can be multiplexed into existing infrastructure,  reducing the number of dark fibres needing to be leased.
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Uniview 2017 Annual Report: 480 Million USD Revenue, 50.5% Year-on-year Growth

Uniview 2017 Annual Report: 480 Million USD Revenue, 50.5% Year-on-year Growth

Uniview released the annual financial report of 2017, achieving 480 million USD revenue and 50.5% year-on-year growth. The total net profit significantly grew to 60 million USD with 155.5% year-on-year growth. In the 6th year since founded, Uniview is getting closer to the vision: the provider of global public security product and solution, intelligent traffic system and intelligent business security product and solution; the leader in global security with high quality, intelligent product and pioneering AI solution. Till the end of 2017, Uniview delivered products and solutions to more than 140 countries and regions, ranked No.7 in global video surveillance industry in 2016.Uniview insists on open cooperation, which attracts more than 910 partners joined in the positive partner system Uniview built.

“With countless efforts from all employees, we had the fastest growth in both revenue and profit in 2017.We gained a remarkable development in overseas market, and both industry and distributing market in China.” Said Hermit Zhang, CEO of Uniview, “Uniview entered into overseas market in 2014. During three years’ market expanding, we are keeping more than 100% GAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate). In Chinese domestic industry market, we are continuously strengthening our advantages in high-end industries. As for installer and distributing market, we are digging deeper into the market and creating a new competitiveness.” Till now, Uniview has delivered more than 580 safe city projects, more than 330 ITS projects, 45 airports, over 100 metro lines, more than 380 enterprises, more than 230 highways, and 200 buildings in the top CBD.

The fast development of Uniview derives from the endless pursuit of quality and innovation. Till the end of 2017, Uniview applied 1477 patents, 83% of which are innovation patents. Uniview has the largest per capita patents in the industry. And on every workday, one patent would be applied. In 2017, Uniview established two R&D centers in Xi’an and Jinan, and owns four R&D centers (including two more in Hangzhou and Shenzhen) in total. Hence the R&D strength and the maturity of development increased rapidly. Nowadays, over 50% employees of Uniview are from R&D department. Uniview will keep increasing investment on R&D, insisting on high quality and bringing more advanced and stable products and “Security + AI” solution to global customers.

Looking into the upcoming age, Uniview is one of top players in the industry. With the increasing demand for video surveillance, the deepening of China’s “One Belt and One Road” strategy, Uniview has a huge potential for expansion and growth in overseas markets. 2018 is the 7th of Uniview’s independent operating year. We will build a positive competition, create larger value, and grow to be stronger together with all of our global partners.


A New Look at 3-Phase Power Distribution

Alt-phase vs. a traditional PDU Phase Placement

Executive Summary

The principles of 3-Phase power are not always well understood by the installer,
whose only task is to power up the equipment being installed in the computer rack.
Load balancing (matching current draw on each phase) is critical in these applications
for multiple reasons:
1) If the three phases are not balanced, heat is generated resulting in higher
cooling costs.
2) Unbalanced loads lead to inefficiency and higher power bills.
3) High loads on a single phase means greater chance of tripping either a PDU or
upstream breaker, and losing power at the rack.
Good practice in the data center is to install rack mounted equipment so that the
current draw is similar on each branch. This is relatively easy if the rack is filled with
only one type of device. Unfortunately this is often not the case. Mixed devices such as
switches, storage devices, blade servers and different brands and types of 1U/2U/3U
servers can create a crazy mesh of power cables in the back of the rack. This can
potentially inhibit airflow and add to the heat problems mentioned above.
The issues above are compounded by the move to higher density racks that demand
more kilowatts of power. Higher power distribution at 60A and 100A force even more
complex PDUs with six, nine, and even twelve branches. The power draw still must be
evenly distributed across these branches.
A solution to these issues is to use an alternating phase PDU. These specially designed
PDUs alternate the phased power on a per-outlet basis instead of a per-branch basis.
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