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Testing your customer's network is the final part in completing your installation and a poorly tested or untested site can lead to not being paid or a severe delay in being paid. In addition to this if you are applying for a manufacturers System Warranty on a Structured cabling system it is a prerequisite to have it tested with the correct equipment. As speeds and Data rates increase every year and FTTH becomes a reality Fibre testing has never been more important today That's why at Wood Communications we have a tester for almost every type of installation. Whether it's testing a Fibre or Copper Network from 10Gig and beyond or tracing cables through false ceilings, there's something for everyone here at Wood Communications to either purchase or Rent.
Wood Communications distributes a selection of Networking cable testing and measurement Products available to order today! Our category consists of the following range.

• Copper Continuity Testers
• Copper Continuity and Pair Testers
• Tone & Probe Kits
• CCTV&IP Test Kits
• Category Certification Testers
• Telephone test Sets
• Gigabit Validation Testers
• Network Analysers
• Optical OTDR’s
• Fibre Fault Locators
• Fibre Loss Measurement Test Kits
• Wifi Surveying software

Each unit is easy to use, lightweight and durable to use in the field. We supply & stock all of the above categories from a range of trusted manufacturers such as Softing(Psiber), Owl, AFL, Ideal Industries, & BI Communications. AFL range of Fibre Inspection and Cleaning products which help reduce dirt on fibre ends. Check out the Softing Wirexpert WX4500 unit the only CAT8 tester on the market.
In addition to this we offer a range of site surveys and Network Analysis carried out by our professional and trained network of installers for troubleshooting complex copper and Fibre Networks.

Network Analysis and Troubleshooting service.

In addition to this we offer a range of site surveys and Network Analysis carried out by our professional and trained network of installers for troubleshooting complex copper, Fibre & Wireless Networks.
Using both hardware 'network taps', coupled with packet capture and analysis software, the full array of network characteristics are revealed. Along with reporting the network utilization metrics, amalgamated flows are weighed against industry norms, to give a clear indication of end-to-end performance.

Additionally, amalgamated flows of streaming and connection-based services (e.g. VoIP, etc) are analysed for performance and interruption issues.

Full packet capture is recorded for further analysis, as required.

Wi-Fi Planning & Site Surveys service
If you are looking to design and implement a robust and consistent Wi-FI network we can help you from inception and planning all the way through to deployment. Wi-Fi is now rated as one of the most important factors now in any type of environment ask the kids it is like oxygen to them.
We can assist you with your Wi-Fi deployments from the off and have a number of accredited ECSE personnel within our organisation. So as Wi-FI speeds increase to the AC standard it is now more important to plan accordingly for the explosion of Wi-FI that is here now and only going to grow significantly. With this in mind it is vitally important to carry out proper Wi-Fi Survey to make sure you plan, deploy and post survey all your installations.
Wi-Fi Planning and Site Surveys for 802.11ac and 802.11n
Design, verify and troubleshoot Wi-Fi effectively with Ekahau Site Survey. It’s the first and leading laptop-based Wi-Fi site survey and planning tool.
Speak to our Networking expert sales team today on 0035314264000 or email sales@woodcomm.ie

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