LinkXpert M3 – 3 media multitool for easy testing of LAN networks

Cable and network tests on all media easily and intuitively via large color touchscreen.

LinkXpert M3 is ideal for installing, documenting, and troubleshooting Ethernet networks since it has connection to all 3 media—copper, fibre, and WiFi.
Industrial applications as well as SoHo and office settings are among the uses.

LinkXpert M3 is a flexible networking and cabling solution that assists with anything from routine cabling activities to resolving challenging Ethernet issues.

To maintain the network operational around-the-clock, the gadget delivers a special mix of cabling testing and thorough Ethernet network diagnostics on copper, fibre, and WLAN.

The LinkXpert M3 may carry out automatically designed tests for network commissioning.
You may troubleshoot by running each test separately.

Support for the video microscope for connection end-face examination and the identification of 10 Gbit/s networks is another first in this price range.

  • Comprehensive Ethernet network diagnostics up to 1Gb/s Ethernet on copper and fiber links and WiFi
  • Individual test scenarios through freely configurable test profiles
  • High Speed detection up to 10Gb/s and load tests up to High Power PoE (90 W / class 8)
  • Fiber polarity testing and visual troubleshooting via VFL
  • Comprehensive documentation capabilities

LinkXpert M3 – 3 media multitool for easy testing of LAN networks

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