Server Technology’s power strategy experts are trusted to provide Rack PDU solutions for demanding data centres worldwide ranging from small technology startups to Fortune 100 powerhouses. Because power is all we do, you will find us in the best cloud and co-location providers, forward thinking labs and telecommunications operations. Server Technology customers consistently rank us as providing the highest quality PDU’s, the best customer support and most valuable innovation. Let us show you; we have over 12,000 PDU configurations to fit every data centre need and 80% of our PDU’s are shipped within 10 days. Only with Server Technology will customers Stay Powered, Be Supported and Get Ahead.

Contact a Wood Comms  member of the team with your configuration and we will gladly help in specifying the correct PDU for your applications.

Server Technology

Quality Rack Power Solutions

Server Technology® Head Quarters

Wood Communications is proud to introduce Server Technology®. A Power Focused Manufacturer, to the Irish/European Market.

Server Technology® provides the best and most flexible PDU solutions for Data Centres around the Globe.

In Brief

Server Technology Switched Rack PDU Solutions

The Switched cabinet PDU provides the capability to securely monitor and control device power through a network connection.
These products combine remote configuration and management with power distribution and power/environmental monitoring.
With Server Technology’s Switched PDUs you can: Control power to a server or other device with a single command (ON/OFF/REBOOT)
Reduce surge currents through sequenced power-up
Shed load based on certain events (optional)
Monitor all aspects of the Smart cabinet PDU

Stay Powered

Server Technology® only focuses on power. Top performing data centres around the world rely on Server Technology’s rack power distribution units to
maintain uptime, ensure efficiency and facilitate capacity planning. With the best testing in the market and longest mean time to failure (MTTF), Server
Technology provides uncompromising quality, reliability and value for the data
centre. Our customers state that our quality is the number one reason why
they choose Server Technology Rack PDUs.

Be Supported

Year after year our customers rate our support to be a key differentiator between us and our competitors. At Server Technology, comprehensive
product support starts before you buy and extends throughout your relationship with Server Technology. Server Technology power strategy experts
want you to be more than satisfied with your power solution. Wood Communication Experts will help you chose the right product in partnership with Server Technology®

Get Ahead

Server Technology power strategy experts have worked with top performing data centres for over 30 years. This ongoing exercise of designing new solutions has not only helped us secure a loyal customer base, it has also resulted in more PDU design innovations than any of our competitors.

Server Technology® Cutting Edge Rack Power Solutions Include:

HDOT®: Award Winning High-Density Outlet Technology Power Solution.
PRO2®: PDU Uptime Solution. The Next Evolution in PDU Design.
AltPhase: Alternating Phase Outlets Make Load Balancing Easy.
Sentry Power Manager: Award Winning Data Center Power Management Solution

Server Technology® clientele includes:

Salesforce Amazon Softlayer Lloyds Bank CBS Interactive Goldman Sachs Wells Fargo
Cisco Dropbox Apple EMC Ericsson Expedia Facebook
Machine Zone Google ING AT&T Intel Juniper Microsoft
NetApp FedEx Pandora Oracle Verizon Workday Lowes
Uber Netflix Disney SAP British Telecom Equinix VMware
Wikipedia Merck HP  NASA Centurylink Quanta MLB