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Teltonika Networks provides a range of industrial Ethernet Switches. They feature industrial-grade reliability, network redundancy, security and easy management. IoT PLATFORMS. Remove complexity from IoT application development and management.

Overcome the challenges of IoT and achieve full potential with Teltonika M2M, GPS trackers, industrial cellular routers, gateways and remote management.


Connect Your Business With Teltonika

Teltonika is one of the leading, global manufacturers of Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) solutions. With 24 years of experience, this Lithuanian company has helped thousands of businesses in multiple sectors increase their productivity with their products often becoming central to their client’s business strategy. Throughout the years, Teltonika has developed an impressive portfolio of products to cater for all industries and is constantly updating and releasing new devices to stay on top of market trends and any new technological advancements. The brand also views product quality as a top priority and aims to ensure all devices are reliable, secure and easy to use. This is achieved by manufacturing and assembling all devices in their Lithuanian factory and fully testing each device prior to approving it for client use.


Teltonika Products:

Teltonika offers a range of IoT and M2M devices in the form of routers, modems, gateways, switches and IoT platforms, all designed to increase productivity by enabling different devices to communicate with one another. Although there’s some misconception that IoT and M2M solutions are essentially the same thing, there are some key differences worth noting when looking to modernise your technical strategy. IoT is an extension of M2M and enhances the basic function of M2M by connecting multiple different devices to large cloud networking platforms. To achieve this, IoT devices are more technologically advanced and require both hardware and software to function, whereas M2M is exclusively hardware. Another main difference between these two solutions is their connection method. IoT connects multiple different devices together via Wi-Fi whereas M2M enables communication between two or more devices without the need for an internet connection.

In terms of selecting the best type of device for your business, there’s no one right answer. Both IoT and M2M can help increase the productivity of your workplace and its worth and when making this decision it’s worth considering your desired outcome.

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How Can My Company Benefit From Teltonika’s Products?

Implementing Teltonika’s devices into your business strategy, no matter the sector, can provide a number of advantages which in turn should help generate company growth and transform your business. IoT devices have proven particularly popular with businesses and some benefits they provide include:

Reduced Cost

IoT devices can help cut costs in almost all areas of the business and significantly increase profits as a result. This can be achieved by simple tasks such as placing motion sensors around the office to prevent unnecessary maintenance costs such as leaving lights on in empty rooms. In all work environments the expenditure will differ, but data collected from IoT devices enables business owners to make informed in relation to their monthly budget and reduce unnecessary costs no matter the sector.

Easier To Collaborate

The ability to connect multiple devices together reduces the need for workers to be in the same physical space and they can instead collaborate from different locations over shared networks. With the introduction of remote and hybrid working models, IoT devices have facilitated this transition and helped maintain productivity levels throughout.

New Business Opportunities

The vast amount of data IoT devices can provide enables business owners to develop useful insights which help inform their business strategy and bring in new customers. For example, sensors in a retail store with the ability to measure in-store foot traffic can provide data detailing customer behaviour from which retailers can make informed decisions as to where to place certain displays to optimise profits.

Improved Customer Experience

Not only does the increased data help optimise business sales, but it also improves customer experience. If through data, companies are able to better understand consumer behaviour they are also better able to cater for customer needs. Businesses are also able to quickly improve and update software and products, often without the customer noticing. For example, car companies are beginning to use cellular networks to provide their vehicles with the necessary updates to comply with changing road safety regulations ‘over the air’.


Why choose Teltonika?

This customer-focused brand is devoted to helping provide clients with affordable business solutions to help increase productivity and promote company growth. All devices are equipped with an intuitive interface to enable people from non-technical backgrounds to take advantage of their devices. If however, there are any difficulties, Teltonika also offers a 24 hour helpline where you can speak to one of their experts and resolve any issues as soon as possible. So far, Teltonika has helped thousands of clients in 50 countries worldwide and their reach is only expected to grow.

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