Trade-in your old Splicer and get a Sumitomo T-72C+ HD Fusion Splicer

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World’s first AI programmed High Definition Core Aligning fusion splicer

Sumitomo T-72C+ HD Fusion Splicer

Sumitomo T-72C+ HD Core-Aligning Fusion Splicer

Sumitomo T-72C+ High-Definition Core-Aligning Fusion Splicer

Get the complete Sumitomo T-72C+ kit incl case, li-ion battery and accessories

Key features 

Fastest Splicer on the market

8X optical zoom

Auto Fibre Identification

Dual Independent Over

    How is the T-72C+ different from the original T-72C? 

Visual identity

The wind hood of the T-72C+ is orange and black

The user interface remains unchanged

The carrying case, battery and AC/DC adaptor remain unchanged


The T-72C+ introduces NanoTune™ an AI-powered technology which improves on the already strong ability of the T-72C to splice poorly cleaved fibres. Data gathered from T-72C splicer users who connect through SumiCloud indicated the most common cause of poor splices was poor cleaving. So we have focussed on resolving that issue with the T-72C+.

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