UTEPO Facial Recognition Access Control Terminal

UTEPO Facial Recognition Access Control Terminal

Combining with technology of Infrared temperature measurement and deep-learning facial recognition, TS3080-AI can support infrared temperature measurement, voice alarm, body temperature statistics, abnormal body temperature logging & reporting, etc. TS3080-AI can do facial recognition and measurement with fast-speed, long-distance, accurate, low error. It is mainly used to measure temperature each person each time in the scene of with fewer people.


Built-in non-contact thermal temperature measurement module and biometric measurement system
The range of temperature measurement is from 35℃ to 42℃ with deviation of ±0.3℃
Support voice alarm about abnormal body temperature
Built in MEGVII’s FACE++, the deep-learning facial recognition technology
Support face database of 50,000 pictures, 100ms fast identification
Support face recognition, face mask recognition, body temperature measurement
Excellent environmental adaptability to low light and strong backlight, support automatic exposure on face
Support information recording of recognition result and body temperature to keep the traceability
1/2.8” 2MP line-by-line scanning image sensor, excellent low illumination
8 inch LCD display screen, effective pixels: 1920*1080 @30fps
Support 2D, 3D digital noise reduction technology, clean picture, small noise
Support H.265+ /H.265 / H.264 / MJPEG video compression algorithm, multi-level video quality configuration, coding complexity settings
Support Linux, with stable and extendable software architecture
Rich port design with Ethernet port, Wiegand port, relay port
Power consumption: 12W
Ultra-thin all-aluminum alloy metal casing with stylish design
Support installation on gate machine, pole and wall

Applications include, Hotels, Factories, Hospitals, Office, Schools and Airports.

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