Engenius Europe


Engenius Europe

Indoor Wireless Solutions

EnGenius Europe offers a number of Indoor Access points & client bridges in small-medium sized offices, hotels & resorts, schools & universities or even homeowners who wish to expand their home network throughout the house.

Outdoor Wireless Solutions

EnGenius Europe offers a broad line of Wireless outdoor Access points & Client bridges for a variety of deployment scenarios. Companies wish to offer employees or guest with internet connectivity. Companies that need to connect another building to the company’s network. Universities and schools that need to provide large coverage to students. Marinas and Campsites they need to offer public Wifi.


In addition to all of the above EnGenius has both indoor and outdoor captive portal units allowing for,

Instant wireless internet access for guests

Variety of Authentication methods

Ready out of the box solution with Pico Point on it

Wireless Mesh networking

EnGenius has you covered for the majority of applications. Call us today and speak to our ECSE personnel.

EnGenius Europe

UK / Ireland


EnGenius Europe is a leading brand of Senao Networks, Inc. a manufacturer of long range wireless communication network equipment in Taiwan.

Well-known for competency in wireless connectivity. Pioneer of long range, high-sensitivity wireless solution in the telecommunication industry.

EnGenius have grown to expand our product line from only wireless AP and AP controller, to also PoE switch, IP camera and networking cloud platform.

With years of leadership in the long range wireless, EnGenius provides total network connectivity solutions for home consumers, small and medium-sized business, enterprise and various environment such as campus, hotel, hospital and city hotspot coverage, 3G offload and wireless surveillance.

Our wireless LAN products are designed to deliver high performance, long range, feature-rich, ease of use and yet affordable to cater various deployments.

Best outdoors Wireless Access Points – Wood Communications

We currently stock EnGenius Europe products in our premises. We can also talk about the results our clients are getting from EnGenius, get in touch! Call the sales team on 01 4264000

See our EnGenius Products here : https://woodcomm.ie/catalogue/brands/engenius/